Our Services

Military & Police Training

Laser Tag Tactical Training

  • Multi-user Tactical training for outdoor and indoor settings. Up to 60 players simultaneously.
  • Advanced laser tag equipment with range of 300m for handguns and up to 1000m for sniper functions.
  • Helmet and Vest with sensors to distinguish hit locations.
  • Wireless tracking of users for stats and position tracking with GPS.
Large-scale MR Tactical Training

Large-scale MR Tactical Training

  • Multi-user simulation for training of Team-collaboration during various fire scenarios, both for strategic planning and realistic immersion using VR and MR technologies.
  • Fully tracked areas of up to 30m x 30m, using optical position tracking.
  • Full body tracking and gun and equipment tracking. Each user is equipped with VR headset, haptic vest and backpack PC.
  • Physical barriers and props are tracked in the virtual world to give fullest immersion to train for tactical training scenarios.
  • 16 users and 2 commanders for each team.
  • Integration of tactile and physical senses such as smell, haptic vibration, and wind.
Multi-user Submarine Training Simulator

Multi-user Submarine Training Simulator

  • Team-based simulator, two teams with one instructor.
  • Simulate operation of submarines with given scenarios from Instructor.
  • Our client is the Taiwan Navy. The phase 1 of the project is complete and we are continuing to develop and maintain this project.
  • Due to the confidentiality of the project, we cannot share any additional information.